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Rosehead Nails

October 21, 2014

Rosehead Nails - A Pile!
written by Vicki Bale
Rosehead Nails - A Pile!

Rosehead Nails – A Pile!


Rosehead nails are fine shank traditional nails which were used for laying floorboards, making ledged and braced doors, fixing black ironmongery and for decorative purposes. They have a nice raised decorative head and carpenters would arrange these in their own signature patterns when making traditional doors. They would often be clenched over on the rear for extra strength.

Traditional rosehead nails are fashioned from a single piece of steel for strength and quality. Three sizes are available on-line 25, 40 and 65mm, with 50 and 75mm available if you call us. They are sold in 1 kilo bags with the number of nails varying accordingly. In a 25mm bag you get approximately 475 nails, 320 in 40mm and 105 in 65mm. They have a black oxide finish. When used externally in oak, they may be prone to grey staining and bleeding, but this look is the look of an old door!

We have other traditional nails and studs in our range, including round studs, pyramid studs and handmade nails.

Rosehead Nails on a doorRosehead Nails




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