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Sash Lift Hook – Cast

January 11, 2012

Brass Sash Hook
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Sash Hook

Brass Sash Lift Hook – Cast


The Sash Lift Hook is used on the bottom rail of a sash window. You would normally use two on each window.  The sash hook faces downwards and you hook your fingers around it to lift and vent the window.

There are many sash window lifts on the market and you can certainly buy ones much cheaper than the one we offer. So why buy ours?

CAST in SOLID brass

Brass is poured into a mould to create the sash hook. This means it has a chunky (4mm thick) cast look with edges nicely rounded.  Most brass sash lifts are pressed and are quicker and easier to manufacture, with the better quality ones pressed from a solid sheet of brass. Cheap ones are thin, pressed from a brass coated base metal and then lacquered. The latter will have a very short life.

Made to last a lifetime and more!

English made by superb metal craftsmen.

These are small items but the detailing can really make a difference to the look of your windows. Our Sash Hook is of the finest quality  – just a lovely item!

Our Cast Sash Hook is offered in solid brass (unlacquered), polished nickel, polished chrome and bronzes by request. The plated finishes have a solid brass base.

We have a range of Sash Window Fasteners to go with the lifts, styles include Beehive, Ball, Acorn, Fitch and Brighton.

If you have Casement windows we have the Window Furniture to suit, part of the wide range we offer.

In the photos below the Sash Hook is shown at different angles in solid brass and polished nickel.


Nickel Sash HookSash Window Lift

Sash Lift Hook Brass





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