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Selecting Door Knobs and Door Handles – Some Tips

June 11, 2012

Beehive Door Knobs
written by Vicki Bale


Beehive Door Knobs

Victorian Beehive Door Knobs in Brass & Nickel


When planning a refurbishment door furniture is often overlooked. It makes a real difference to the look of your doors. You use door knobs & door handles many times a day, so spend some time making the right selection and go for quality! Here are some tips for you:

1. Budget for Door Furniture

Make sure you budget for door furniture. Having quality items is not cheap and you want to make sure you have some budget set aside. There is nothing worse than seeing nice doors with cheap door knobs or handles.

2. Door Handles or Door Knobs?

Decide if you want door handles or door knobs. The choice may be made for you if you have existing spindle holes, or locks or latches already set into your doors. Generally, if you have had handles on doors as opposed to knobs, then you are likely to have to stick with handles. This is because the spindle hole will not be set far enough back to accommodate door knobs. If you decide on door knobs, then you will need to decide what size will be suitable. In our range we have diameter measurements from 42mm to 75mm, with the best selling size for internal doors being 50mm. Please click here to link to our blog posting How to Select the right size Door Knobs.

3. Door Locks or Door Latches?

Do your doors need to be locked?  If so, you need a lock and a latch. If you do not need the door locked, then you need just as latch. Bathroom doors need a lock and this subject is covered in another Blog article, Ways to Lock Bathroom Doors. You can use a bolt, turn and release or a handle where the turn and release is set into the backplate.

4. What Period Door Furniture?

Think about the period of your house to determine what will be suitable. We have styles from all periods in our range – Georgian and Victorian Door Furniture, Edwardian and Art Deco Door Furniture. You may have some original door knobs or door handles in your house to perhaps give you some clues.

5. What Finish?

Consider your interior furnishings and colourings. We have brass, nickel, wood, chrome, coloured glass and black iron, pewter patina and bronze. You need to make the right selection for your interiors as well as the right period door furniture.

We are at the end of a phone if you would like to discuss any of the above as planning your requirements is not an easy task, so let us help you.

Showing some of the wide range of choices that face you, pictured below from left:

Art Deco Door Handles in Chrome and Brass, Brass Reeded Door Handles, Selection of Brass Door Handles, Iron Door Handles, Wooden Door Knobs, Glass Door Knobs.

Art Deco Door HandlesBrass Door Knobs Georgian ReededEnglish Made Brass Door HandlesBlack Iron Door HandlesPeriod Wooden Door Knobs

Glass Door Knobs Amber




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