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Selecting the right size letter plate

June 11, 2014

Brass Letter Plate Classic with Clapper
written by Vicki Bale
Brass Letter Plate Classic with Clapper

Brass Letter Plate Classic with Clapper


This article is to help you make the right size selection for your door and requirements. We sell a wide variety of letter plates in different sizes and materials. In our most popular Original design we offer 8 sizes. We can also make bespoke items in brass or nickel.

Firstly, there are three key measurements:

  1. Outer Dimension – this is the outer dimension, the overall size.
  2. Aperture Size – the opening in the plate which letters will pass through. The aperture size is the hole in the plate and not in the door. You need to ensure the hole in your door is slightly larger to allow the flap to open into it.
  3. Fixing Centres – on the rear side of any letter plate you will find fixing bolts. The measurement is from centre to centre of these bolts. If it has been removed, take the centres from the holes in the door.

The queries we receive break down into two groups:

Customers with New Doors

If you are ordering a new door, then the size selection is really over to you. Things to consider are:

  • Aesthetics – This will depend on your door size and where you want to mount the plate. If you are in any doubt you can always make paper templates of the sizes you are considering and stick these on the door.
  • Aperture Size – Consider what has to come through the aperture. If you want an A4 envelope to fit through without being bent, then you need an aperture in the plate of 220mm or more. This makes our Original letter plate 305 x 108mm (outer) our best selling size.
  • Finish – The finish should match the rest of your door furniture and the style of your door.

Customers changing the plate on an existing door

If you are wanting to change your plate, you will be limited by the size of the one you are replacing. There will be two holes from the fixing bolts and a rectangular hole in the door.  You need to measure these holes. Another thing to consider is, are you planning to redecorate the door? If you are, you have a bit more flexibility. If you are not wanting to touch the paintwork, then your outer size will need to cover the damage from the existing plate. You need to measure this area and it will be the minimum outer dimension.

Once you have done this, it is time to go shopping! Take a look at our range by clicking here, select the finish and then view the designs. Most plates are made in one size, but there is no standard. If you need more size options, look at our Letter Plate Original which is our best selling plain design in Brass, Polished nickel (other finishes available). This comes in 8 sizes and usually customers can find something to suit.

If you are still stuck, then you have two options:

  • Bespoke Service – on our brass and nickel letter plates which are English made we can offer a bespoke size. We would need you to send your measurements for a quote. This of course is more expensive as all parts are hand cut to size.
  • Increase the hole in the door – if one size of plate is just not quite right, you could get your carpenter to make the hole in the door a bit bigger.

We can supply all the door furniture you will require for your front door. Take a look at our wide range of door knockers, door knobs or handles. Of course, please feel free to contact us if you want some advice. We are here to help on 01746712450 or e-mail vicki@priorsrec.co.uk

Pictured below from left, Iron Letter Plate, Nickel Letter Plate Original, Brass Letter Plate Traditional.

Iron Letter Plate PlainNickel Letter Plate OriginalBrass Letter Plate Traditional














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    Vicki Bale says:

    Please call me on 01746712450. I have no idea what the problem is and we don’t use Word. Sorry about that.

    Tess Cooper says:

    Hi, I am looking for advice on changing tired front door furniture. My current letterbox is:
    Overall 11″ x 3″ Aperture 8 7/10″ x 3″ Bolts 9 2/10″

    I am interested in your original letter plate in nickel. Could you tell me whether any of your existing sizes would be suitable and also how much it would cost to have a bespoke letter plate made.


    Tess Cooper

    Vicki Bale says:

    Hello Tess
    Sorry I have only just picked up the comment. Have a look at our Original letter plate. The 12 x 4 1/4 would be worth a look. The bolt centres are closer, but you would have enough space to drill new holes.

    Malcolm Wood says:

    A very helpful guide. Thank you.