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Shutter Latch Featured in Period Living

November 7, 2011

Shutter Latch
written by Vicki Bale


Shutter Latch

Shutter Latch Featured In Period Living



In the December 11 issue of Period Living Magazine you will find Priors Reclamation’s shutter latch given a small feature.

On page 140/141 they run a section called “Ask The Experts” where readers can send in their questions and have them answered by the experts. One customer Mrs L Walton-Green wrote in as below:

Q: “Where can I find indoor shutter knobs that turn like a door handle? I have searched antique and salvage yards unsuccessfully.

A: Maggie Stevenson replies, “The knobs you are looking for are used with a mortise type shutter latch and the complete fixing with knob and mortise plate is available from Priors Reclamation in lacquered unlacquered or nickel plated brass, from £74.40. Bought separately, the knob costs £25.20. Shutter knobs are not universal, so check the measurements given on the company website carefully before you order to ensure the knob will fit your latch. Shutter latches are not widely available so if the knob does not fit your latch an easier,if more costly solution would be to replace the whole fitting”

Thank you to Period Living for the shutter latch mention and glad we have this unusual item. We also sell shutter bars and we make them to size to order. These are also hard to find items from our range of Shutter Fittings.

Where are you Mrs Walton-Green? We are still waiting to hear from you?


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