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The Bloxwich Family – Door Knobs and Cupboard Knobs

May 27, 2010

Brass Door Knobs Bloxwich
written by Vicki Bale

The Bloxwich family of door knobs and cupboard knobs


The Bloxwich door knob was one of the first items we sold when we started in door furniture about 10 years ago. Not surprisingly we are rather fond of it!

It was originally named the Dorchester but we thought we should pay more respect to our Midlands industrial heritage. The Bloxwich door knob is now named after the town in the Industrial West Midlands which was famous for coal mining, iron smelting and various manufacturing industries. Manufacturing in the area consisted of bridle bits, stirrups, keys, locks, chains and saddles.

The story began with the 50mm door knobs which are a perfect copy of a Georgian original and are turned in solid brass. The popularity of the door knobs has led to an expansion of the Bloxwich family. Some years ago the cupboard knobs were produced in solid brass, minatures of the door knobs. They come in a 30mm and 40mm diameter. In 2010 the large Bloxwich brass knob was developed following many requests for a larger door knob for external and large internal doors. This is cast in solid brass to ensure it is not to heavy to be practical. It has proved to be a great hit! Even though we say it ourselves, it is a gorgeous piece and would grace any large door. These slightly antiqued brass door knobs and cupboard knobs are all unlacquered and will tarnish with age.

The Bloxwich family of door knobs and cupboard knobs also come plated in nickel. The items are first produced in solid brass and then plated. This incurs an extra process so the nickel door knobs and cupboard knobs cost about a third more than there brass relatives.

They are also flexible as the door knobs can be used whether you have a mortise lock (set into the edge of your door) or a rim lock (surface mounted box lock).

All items are incredible value for the quality and we have had many happy customers over the years.

The Bloxwich Family Nickel Door Knobs and Nickel Cupboard knobs are shown in the photo below. Click on any of the links to go direct to the products on our site.

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