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The Doctor’s Door Knocker

January 5, 2014

London Doctor's Knocker
written by Vicki Bale
London Doctor's Knocker

London Doctor's Knockers in Brass and Nickel


The Doctor’s door knocker is a classic design from the late Georgian period and it has been hugely popular ever since. It is said to have been named the Doctor’s Knocker, as this was the style used by the Doctor in order that people could easily locate his house.

The term is applied to a door knocker which attaches to the door, usually with a rounded rose and striking plate. The knocker itself is narrow and elegant, often with some simple decorative detailing. Many door knockers are cast and are quite detailed in the casting eg animal head door knockers and other highly decorative pieces. The doctor’s knocker is the one which offers a much more plain and simple design, yet one which is is extremely elegant.

We find this door knocker to be amongst our most popular, hence we have four different ones in the range. We have our regular Doctor’s Knocker, the Old Doctors Knocker, The Large Old Doctor’s Knocker and the London Doctor’s knocker. All are offered in unlacquered brass and polished nickel with other finishes available to order. If you are interested in being correct for the late Georgian period, then you should stick to brass. If you are after early Georgian, then you should be looking at black ironmongery.

If you are after a plain and simple door knocker, look no further!

Brass Doctor's KnockerNickel Doctor's KnockerBrass Old Doctor's Knocker

Doctor's Door Knocker London


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