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Why Buy British Door Furniture?

January 23, 2019

Croft Door Furniture
written by Vicki Bale


Beautiful Polished Nickel Door Furniture

Beautiful British Made Door Furniture


When you buy British in this market, there is no doubt you can really see the quality. Our market place is flooded with cheap brass or imitation brass Far Eastern imports. In this article we explain what you get when you buy British. We are so proud to sell such products which are at the very top of the market. You pay more of course, but you really do get what you pay for.

British products:

  • Feel heavy and solid in the hand
  • Are cast in solid brass
  • Use traditional castings giving outstanding detailing
  • Are high quality and will last a lifetime or more
  • Look beautiful and classy as well as being functional
  • Backed by aftercare and advice


How this Quality is Achieved


Our supplier has a family manufacturing history dating back to 1868 and are now in the 5th generation. They have long been a traditional manufacturer of the finest door furniture and window furniture available. Experience and skills have been passed through the generations.


Only premium grade brass is used. Brass does not rust or corrode which is why it offers longevity. Plating of nickel, chrome and other applied finishes is always over the solid brass base. Bronze can also be used. Any components are also of the highest quality.


Products are cast in the UK from premium grade brass. Attention to detail is crucial during this process, to ensure the detail on the pattern is transferred to the mould and subsequently carried through to the final cast product. Traditional castings offer excellent detail to products and allows for the use of popular and well regarded time old patterns e.g. Lions head door knobs and the Art Deco range


Products are always meticulously cleaned by hand, with special attention paid to the extremely detailed parts, giving a clean and smooth appearance. The hand polishing team consists of skilled and trained polishers, some of whom have been within the trade for nearly 50 years. All products are polished by hand. The product is receiving the finest level of attention at this important stage of the process.


This is the management of the plating process and applied finishes. Your chosen finish being manually applied and inspected.


The parts are hand assembled by the factory craftsmen and the team. They ensure there is a smooth action to the items.

Final Quality Check

Items are checked as they pass through the factory, so this is just the final quality check. Nothing leaves without this and once the team are happy, the item goes for packing and sale. An amazing returns rate of only .6% is achieved.

In-House Design

Ensure the design of the finest hardware possible, both for aesthetics and durability.


The team consists of skilled craftsmen and engineers, (many with years of experience) who are passionate about their trade. They recruit the best candidates and have good training in process to ensure the intricacies of the design and overall quality of the product are as good as they can be.

British made products are in a league of their own, solid brass, beautifully cast and finished and well designed. We have a wide range which includes, door knobs, door handles, cupboard knobs and window fasteners for sash and casement windows. These really can be the details that make the difference in your house.

We are proud to say our full range of Bathroom Accessories is also British made and of the highest quality.

We hope this article helps your understanding and that you will buy British from us. Items are shown with the Union Jack symbol on our website for easy identification.

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