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Window Furniture – Best Sash Window Fasteners for Double Glazing

March 18, 2013

written by Vicki Bale

Fitch Window Sash Fastener Brass Locking


If you have double glazed units this will limit the amount of space you have to fix a sash fastener. It means that most won’t fit, especially the arm type sash fasteners.

The most popular sash window fastener where space is limited is the Fitch Fastener. The keeper backplate is 64mm long and only 11mm wide and the fastener side is 64mm long and 15mm wide. This is available in a locking or non locking version and in polished nickel or unlacquered brass.

We can also supply a narrow arm sash fastener this has a 15mm width backplate on one side and 19mm on the other, still not as narrow as the Fitch Fastener. Contact us for details.

Don’t forget the sash lifts. We do a lovely chunky cast one in polished nickel or unlacquered brass.

See photos below of a Brass Fitch Fastener, dimension details and a narrow straight arm sash fastener

Brass Fitch Sash Window FastenerFitch Fastener DimensionsNarrow sash window fastener

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