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Window Furniture – New Brass Monkey Tail Casement Fastener and Casement Stay

April 18, 2013

written by Vicki Bale
Brass Monkey Tail Window Furniture

Brass Monkey Tail Casement Fastener and Casement Stay


The Monkey Tail design on window fittings is a traditional and popular one. We currently offer a range of monkey tail window furniture in black iron and pewter patina. Here we introduce our new range in brass.

We offer a Monkey Tail casement fastener which can be supplied with a hook or mortise plate, according to the requirements of your windows. The fastener design is non locking and is quite square in section rather than rounded. It is a reversible fastener, so will work as a left hand or right hand position. The casement stay is offered in a 250mm length. This comes with four hole positions and two fixing plates. These are beautifully cast in England, in solid brass. The finish is polished but unlacquered. They will be made to order and take about four weeks to supply.

If Monkey Tail is not for you, we can also offer other designs, Bulb, Spoon, Reeded and Art Deco.

If unlacquered brass is not for you we can do other finishes including, polished nickel, polished chrome, satin nickel, satin chrome and bronze. Please contact us for details.

Pictured below are two shots of the brass casement fastener and one of the casement stay.


Brass Monkey Tail Window Fastener

Brass Monkey Tail Window FurnitureBrass Monkey Tail Casement Stay





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