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Wood Door Knobs in Villa Design

November 6, 2014

Wood Door Knobs Villa Nickel
written by Vicki Bale
Wood Door Knobs Villa Nickel

Wood Door Knobs Villa Nickel


We have a wide range of wooden door knobs in all sorts of lovely designs. These were popular in late Victorian and Edwardian times and were used in country and town properties. This is a feature on our Villa design which is an exact copy of an Edwardian original from a house in Wimbledon.

It is turned in solid hardwood and has a beehive brass end cap which matches the beehive backplates. The hardwood has a black ebonised finish. These door knobs are suitable for mortise or rim latches and are sold as pairs with spindle and fixings.

We offer this design with brass or polished nickel details. It can also be made in natural timber to order.

If this design is not for you we have lots of other designs, beehive, round, bun, Edwardian etc. If wood door knobs are not your choice, have a look at our wide range of door knobs in brass, nickel, iron, pewter patina, glass and porcelain.


Wooden Door Knobs Villa BrassWood Door Knobs Villa NickelWood Door Knobs


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