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Wooden Door Knobs – Solid Ebony

May 31, 2012

Wooden Door Knobs Solid Ebony
written by Vicki Bale


Wooden Door Knobs Solid Ebony

Wooden Door Knobs in Solid Ebony Bun and Beehive Designs


Our new range of wooden door knobs is now in stock.

Ebony door knobs were extremely popular in the late Victorian and Edwardian era and were used in both country and city properties. We have endeavoured to supply genuine wooden door knobs in the classic style of our former peers and to the same quality.

This range is in solid ebony unlike our other wooden door knobs which are an ebonised finish over hardwood. There are two styles in the door knobs, bun and beehive, both very traditional period designs. There are two finishes available polished nickel or brass. The door knobs are suitable for use with rim or mortise locks.

Matching solid ebony escutcheons can be supplied in the beehive design.

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Pictured below from left are wooden door knobs brass beehive, nickel bun and escutcheons with nickel and brass backs.

Solid Ebony Wooden Door Knob BeehiveSolid Ebony Wooden Door Knobs BunSolid Ebony Wooden Escutcheons










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